What is AgileCharts and What Does it Do?

AgileCharts is a reporting tool for Asana.

It has been designed to make building custom reports quick, easy and beautiful. Whether you’re a scrum master, project manager or just someone who likes to keep tabs on your projects it should solve your problems.

You will be able to:

  • Dashboard: Quickly create a dashboard using template charts
  • SCRUM: Track SCRUM projects in Asana (Burndown, Burnup & Sprint velocity)
  • Custom: Build custom charts that highlight what is important for you


Build dashboards that bring information from across your project in one place quickly and clearly.

SCRUM templates

SCRUM is possible in Asana with our templates and SCRUM project settings. Track SCRUM projects easily by number of tasks or story point effort.

Custom charts

Our powerful chart builder allows you to build custom charts to show anything you can dream of.

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