Agile Charts: Beautiful Charts & Reporting for Asana

Beautiful Charts & Reporting for Asana

Effortlessly create your project reporting combining your project/product managers summaries with KPIs direct from your project boards.

Say goodbye to folders of documents and copy pasting data. Say hello to reports your stakeholders will love.

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Build charts, reports and dashboards
that give you the full picture.

Effortless reporting

Automated scheduled reporting that your team can edit, pulls data from your project and your stakeholders will love.

For team members

Previous week’s update automatically copied into the following week with in-line editing to quickly and easily update what has changed.

For project managers

See which sections have been updated by your team from the section status indicators. Green = Updated, Red/Orange = Not updated.

Keep stakeholders of all levels happy

Create automated reporting on weekly, monthly and quarterly intervals to keep stakeholders at all levels happy.

Beautiful Dashboards

Add charts with KPIs of your project to beautiful dashboards so that you know what’s moving and what isn’t.

Custom chart editor

Powerful chart editor allows you to create any custom bar, stacked bar, line or pie chart from any KPI available in your project.

Template SCRUM Charts

Set sprint start, end and durations and our template charts for SCRUM projects including burn down, burn up and velocity will automatically generate for your project.

Regular product improvements

New features and enhancements based on your feedback released on a regular basis.